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brian gowing just added

This just in…  Brian Gowing will be sharing with us on Saturday morning along with Karl Verkade!  Don’t miss it!

Brian’s a tech guru and has a heart for using tech to build community and plant Churches!  Check out his site


gwyn sanborn

It’s official…  No really, it is.  Gwyn Sanborn will be sharing with us on Friday night.  Gwyn is a vocal coach, country singer, worship leader, mother and wife…  all at the same time!!!  She’s instrumental in making Country at The Merc, Temecula Live and Gospelfest happen every year.  I’m not sure how she does it, but if you come to the School of Worship she might just tell you!

At the School of Worship she’ll be sharing on vocal technique, stage presence and authenticity.

Don’t miss it!

register today via paypal

If you’re looking to register for the School of Worship you can do so at the Chorus Church website (the venue section).  Just click here!