circa 1970… 😉

Well, we got a definite, almost, maybe commitment from Greg England for our School of Worship this year.  He said, “You can use me however you want to.”  So we’re thinkin’ we’ll put a clown costume on him and make him serve cupcakes all week.  Okay, not really.

Greg has a wealth of knowledge as a Musician (banjo, guitar, mandolin, etc.), Counselor, Pastor & Mortician.  That’s right, as Greg puts it he gave up “putting people to sleep so that he could help put them to rest.”

We haven’t told him yet, but he’ll be leading our “Leaders Luncheon” on Saturday.  We’re asking him to walk us through how to deal with relational issues.  He’ll cover every type of conflict a leader might deal with…  in less than 30 seconds…  while eating a California Burrito!

You can hear him teach on the July 18th  Chorus Church Podcast or get some meaningful insight from his blog at “Why, Soitenly!”

You won’t want to miss it!